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  • Tire defect under warranty bought at our store will be replaced at customer's expense (tire + labor) and refund will be done by us only if manufacturer expert analysis will confirm it's a tire defect and not a customer negligence, burnout, road hazard, under-inflated, etc.

  • Tire defect under warranty not bought at our store will be fully the customer’s responsibility to deal with the manufacturer with no refund from us on labor and other applicable fees.

  • Road Hazard Assistance (if offered) is through the manufacturer only and it's the customer's responsibility to handle their claim directly with the manufacturer.

  • For safety & liability reasons, we only install tire specifications as mentioned by the manufacturer motorcycle brand/model/year. We do not install used tires. Customer provided tires must be new and no older than 5 years from the fabrication date with no cracks, dried or damaged.

  • We won't replace a tire if the other tire is worn out and unsafe to ride. In this case, both tires will need to be replaced. Ultimately, all defects on your motorcycle must be fixed for safety and liability purposes.

  • Labor pricing is for tires bought at our store and an extra charge will be applied if customers brings their own tires.

  • Additional fees may apply if accessories or customized parts need to be removed to access your wheels (add-on chrome covers, add-on lights or any other add-on accessories that may slow down the service).


  • Listed Labor pricing and quotes/estimate are for parts bought at our store and extra will be charged if customers bring their parts. Customers are fully responsible to bring the right parts specifications as we won’t install parts not meeting the motorcycle manufacturer specifications.

  • No warranty & refund from us on labor and applicable fees for any defective or inadequate parts provided by the customer.

  • Our prices are competitive with expertise to recommend the right parts for your bike so call us before bringing your own parts.


  • Our labor warranty is valid only when parts are purchased at our store and done at our shop. There won't be any refund if repair under our warranty is done at another shop. Always bring back the bike to us when warranty is still valid.


  • We reserve the right not to service motorcycles with defects and/or safe for the road. Defects will have to be fixed, for safety and liability reasons, before servicing the motorcycle. We will provide a quote for defects and, if approved by the customer, will fix them before servicing the motorcycle. Ultimately, all defects on your motorcycle must be fixed for safety and liability purposes.


  • We reserve the right not to service custom built or modified motorcycle. Call us or stop by as some exceptions may apply.

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