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We carry EBC brake pads and can special order SBS, Ferodo, Brembo, etc

We have hundreds of brake pads ready to be installed on your motorcycle in Sintered (metallic), Organic and Semi-Sintered material. While changing your tire, we will always inspect and verify the brake pads to see if a new set is needed, we will show you your actual brake pads and offer advise and/or recommendations. Click here to request a quote or call us       and we will be glad to assist you. Walk or ride in's are always welcome and if busy, we will do our best to squeeze you in between appointments.


Brake fluid absorbs moisture over time and becomes less effective. Replace brake fluid every one to two years and your brakes will preform at their best.

Motorcycles have up to two brake fluid reservoirs. One for the front, usually found on the handlebars, and another one for the back. Both should be checked regularly. Topping off should only be done from a new, sealed bottle as brake fluid tends to absorb moisture over time. 


Also, you will want to check the thickness of the brake pads. If you allow them to go right down to the metal, your brake disc will be damaged, possibly resulting in an unnecessary and expensive replacement. Fitting braided steel brake lines will increase the performance of your brakes by roughly 50%.


Sintered brake pads

Made of metallic, they perform well in wet and dry conditions and are preferred for demanding situations because they will provide quality stopping power. These have become the most popular choice of brake pads and are standard Original Equipment on 99% of motorcycles from the manufacturers. On the downside, these pads give a lot of wear and tear to your rotors. If your bike wasn't made to be used with sintered pads, you should not use them.


Organic brake pads

Made of a variety of materials to include metallic, nonmetallic particles and non-asbestos organic materials, wich are secured together with a solid polymer resin. They are softer than sintered brake pads which make them create more brake dust and not last as long. However, they offer little wear and tear on your rotors and provide smooth and controlled braking.

Semi-Sintered brake pads

Semi-sintered brake pads are the best of both worlds. They provide a combination of a longer life span and with a modern feel will not wear out your rotors. These pads are 30% copper by weight within an organic matrix. If you cannot decide whether to purchase sintered or organic, these are a good choice.

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