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We carry the best oils on the market for all type of motorcycle and riding styles

We change the engine oil and filter for all motorcycle makes, including transmission and primary. Our selection of oils include mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic. We will recommend the best type and brand for your motorcycle and riding style. As a courtesy, will do a visual safety inspection of your bike. Click here to see our labor rates or schedule an appointment or call us       and we will schedule it for you. Walk or ride in's are always welcome and if busy, we will do our best to squeeze you in between appointments.

Types Of Motorcycle Engine oil

Mineral Oils (MO)

Mineral oils is the most basic type of engine oil and does not include additions in the form of complex chemical compounds. They have lesser efficient molecular bonding and using them for extreme conditions could lead to engine’s loss .It is highly recommended for smaller capacity engines which do not impose a lot of mechanical pressure while running. Mineral oil is preferred for commuter motorcycles as they have ideal running conditions and lower operating speeds. Also, companies use mineral oil for the run-in period as it helps brushing the parts properly before the use of other grade of oil.

Semi-Synthetic oils (SS)

Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture between mineral oils and synthetic oils. Manufacturers have taken the best of both worlds; the high level of protection from mineral oils and high performance aspects from synthetic oils. It is used in motorcycles that run more than usual everyday. The high operating time enables the rider to keep the engine secure with higher heat resistance of the semi-synthetic oil. You will also hear recommendations to switch to semi-synthetic oil after the bike has been run-in using mineral oil.

Full Synthetic oils (FS)

Full synthetic oils are considered to be the best. It's an artificial oil not made using any natural products like mineral oil does. High performance motorcycles use synthetic engine oil for its great lubrication property and high temperature resistance. It is the most expensive type of engine oil and will benefit the following cases:

  • Rider who burns a full fuel tank everyday on the highway.

  • Rider who lives in areas with extreme temperatures.


Both above cases require extra engine care and synthetic oil does that for the rider. A regular rider with 30 kilometers of daily riding will not need this oil as they will reach their destination before the actual benefit of the Full Synthetic tarts. Still, high end bikes (whatever the above cases) will still need synthetic oil  due to their higher engine temperature operations.


The main benefit of fully synthetics oils is that they won’t break down as fast as mineral oils or semi-synthetic oils. They also give the best lubricating performance which won’t break under pressure (providing that the right grade of oil is used). Some manufacturers would also state that they’re particular fully synthetic oil will increase performance but that is still a very subjective topic.

Motorcycle Engine Oil Grades



XX = Viscosity (thickness) of the oil in cold temperatures. The lower XX is, the less viscous (thick) the oil will be at low temperature (referring to outside temperature, not engine temperature) and the oil will be more fluid (thinner). Basically, the lower the number XX is, the less chance the oil will turn into thick molasses or a solid in cold outside temperature.


YY = Viscosity (thickness) of the oil while the engine is running and hot. The higher YY is, the less thin (watery) the oil will be at high engine temperature. Oil needs to remain thick, not watery, to protect all engine parts. Basically, the higher the number YY is, the thicker the oil will be in high engine temperature to protect all engine parts.

Which Motorcycle Oil Grade To Use

10W30 or 10W40

In warmer region, like Florida, you should use 10W40 since the hot outside temperature can increase the heat generated by your engine.

In colder region, you should use 10W30 since the cooler outside temperature will not add to the heat generated by your engine.

40 means the oil will stay thicker to protect the engine parts at high temperature compare to 30 that will become thinner and may not be able to protect the engine parts. 

Our Motorcycle Oil Selection & Brands

Motorcycle Amzoil Oil
Motorcycle Klotz Oil
Motorcycle HardDrive Oil
Motorcycle VP Racing Oil
Motorcycle Maxima Oil
Motorcycle Belray Oil
Motorcycle Motul Oil
Motorcycle Castrol Oil
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