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We have a huge tire selection ready to be installed by our certified technicians on any motorcycle from any year. Our tire prices are competitive and properly store under climate control. You can also bring your wheel to save money. As a courtesy, we will do a visual safety inspection of your bike and check your brake pads. For rear tire replacement, we will adjust your chain and lubricate it. Please be advised we do not repair tires, as it is unsafe to ride with a repaired tire and should only be done so in order to reach the nearest motorcycle shop for a tire replacement. Click here to see our labor rates or schedule an appointment or call us       and we will schedule it for you. Walk or ride in's are always welcome and if busy, we will do our best to squeeze you in between appointments.

Motorcycle Tire Maintenance Guide

Tire Inflation

Always keep the motorcycle manufacturer’s recommended air pressure in both tires. A tire that is under-inflated generates a lot of heat which can lead to a blow out and they also wear out more quickly.  A tire that is over-inflated can be dangerous and more likely to be cut, punctured, or broken by sudden impact.

Motorcycle Tire Maintenance Guide

Check your tire air pressure at least once a week and before long trips. Be sure to use an accurate pressure gauge.  Check your air pressure when the tires are “cold.” The tires are “cold” when your motorcycle has been ridden less than a mile at moderate speed or after being stopped for three or more hours. If you must add air when your tires are hot, add 4 psi above the recommended cold inflation pressure. Recheck the inflation pressure when the tire is cold.

Valve Stems, Cores & Caps

Old or damaged valve stems and cores may cause air loss. Replace them when mounting new tires. Use caps (finger tight) on the valve stems to keep dust, dirt and moisture away from the valve.

Break-in Period

In order for your new tire(s) to provide optimum performance, tires should be ridden very cautiously for the first 100 miles in order for the tread surface to be “Scuffed-In” and work properly. Directly after new tires are mounted, sudden acceleration, maximum braking and hard cornering must be avoided. This will allow the rider to adjust to the “Feel” and handling characteristics of the new tire and for the new tire to be “Scuffed-In” correctly in order to achieve optimum grip level.

Tire Loading

Overloading causes excessive heat to build up in your tires. This can lead to sudden tire failure and serious personal injury. Consult your motorcycle owner’s manual for the motorcycle load limits and proper tire inflation that applies to your motorcycle and tires. Never exceed the maximum load rating stamped on the tire sidewall of your tire or the maximum vehicle load rating, whichever is less

Tire Inspection

Inspect your tires for adequate tread depth. When the tire is worn to the built-in indicators at 1/32nd inch (0.8 millimeters) or less tread groove depth, or the tire cord or fabric is exposed, the tire is dangerously worn and must be replaced immediately. Also, inspect your tires for uneven wear. Wear on one side of the tread or flat spots in the tread may indicate a problem with the tire or vehicle. 

Tire Cleaning

Remove the largest accumulations of mud, dirt and dust. Mix approximately 1 to 2 ounces of mild dish-washing soap in a 1-gallon bucket of water. Wet a soft-bristle wheel detailing brush in the soap bucket and clean the rim and tire from the axle outward. Do not use Solvent-based products made of petroleum distillates or silicone which have been proven to harm the tires, Over time, solvent-based products will turn the tires brown. They can also dry the rubber leading to premature cracking.

Tire Dressing

Tire dressing products are not recommended, they can get on the tire tread with a possible loss of traction. Mild soap with water is safer and will not harm the tires with premature cracking.

Tire Selection

Our Motorcycle Tire Selection & Brands

Dunlop Motorcycle Tire
Sedona Motorcycle Tire
Kenda Motorcycle Tire
Pirelli Motorcycle Tire
Continental Motorcycle Tire
Michelin Motorcycle Tire
Shinko Motorcycle Tire
Metzler Motorcycle Tire
Bridgestone Motorcycle Tire
Avon Motorcycle Tire
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